Once again we are celebrating seasonal creativity and the true spirit of Christmas – but in a new way!

The St Thomas’s Christmas Tree Festival this year is an Online Christmas Tree Festival, available to view from 1st to 15th December. Covid-19 with restrictions affecting large gatherings means it is not possible to hold the Festival in the church. Instead we are letting you see the decorated Christmas trees and nativity scenes on this specially-created website. You will also be able to hear audio recordings from the musicians who would otherwise have played live during the Festival.

We’ve received entries from more than 50 individuals, local organisations and charities, and you have a choice of how you want to view our Festival. There are several ways to view it. See the green box below.



Play the video below to see a parade of this year’s entries – or

Scroll the alphabetical gallery of thumbnail photos below the video and click on the entries you want to see – or

At the top is a menu to take you to the other parts of our festival


MUSIC – has a selection of audio clips from the musical groups who normally perform at the festival


This year three local charities will benefit from your generosity: the Jo Benson Day Centre for Disabled Adults, the Salisbury Child Contact Centre and St Thomas’s Church. Press ‘Donate’ in the menu to find out more about them.

Be sure to press the Donate button before you leave. Thank you for your interest and support.

Enjoy your visit


Take a tour:

Find a tree:

Alphabetical gallery of entries: click/tap each for more photos and their theme

This year our donations will go to St Thomas’s and these two local charities:

The Jo Benson Day Centre

Salisbury Child Contact Centre